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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now police searching for the gunman who opened fire outside frederick high school. scared witnesses working to help investigators piece together exactly what happened. it was actually colder earlier this morning. 6:00 this morning than now. the wind making it more uncomfortable. windchills in the 20s now and asked pope. kids from around the world are given the opportunity today to ask the pontiff questions. hear what was on their minds. good morning, everyone. you're watching "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. two schools in frederick, maryland are shut down today after two teen was shot outside fred trik high school. chopper 4 over the scene showing a quiet campus.
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megan mth grath is live in frederick where all the new developments are happening. good morning to you. >> reporter: barbara, it valley rather quiet on campus both at frederick high school and west frederick middle school. only teachers inside those schools today. students have been given the day off so police can continue with their investigation. students were gathered for basketball when suddenly shots rang out fwop students hit. they're going to be okay recovering from injury but police are still looking for the person or people who fired those shots. taking down police tape as teachers reported to work. but students at frederick high they got the day off. so did kids at west frederick middle school right next door. the two schools closed to limit foot and car traffic near the scene of the shooting so that police can continue to search for clues. >> we believe they fled the immediate area on foot. so we have -- estimating which
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pathing twhoehey would have taken. we're do a more specific thorough search now that sun is up. >> reporter: it happened around 8:00 during a jv basketball game between rivals frederick high and thomas johnson high. shots were fired just outside the gym. two students were hit. security officers ushered people into the cafeteria. many parents learned of the shooting when their kids called them from inside the school. >> he said there was a shooting and we're in the locker room and not going to be allowed out. >> she said that she heard -- they heard a shot, and they just started running. >> reporter: students sheltered in place while police searched the campus. no arrests made. police are now sorting through witness accounts. >> we believe there was a group of subjects we don't know how many were shooters or not but a small group of people we've didn't given information may be involved.
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that's where we're going right now. >> reporter: and asked if this could possibly be gang-related police say they're looking at a lot of different things thp they haven't ruled that out or in. they are simply talking to witnesses trying to sort things out. and get those leads on this case. now, the wounded students are going to be okay. i should also mention there were private security guards who were here at the time of that game. still waiting on word from the school system in terms of how many security guards were here. here's a tweet also from the school system. they tweeted out this morning, we won't let this incident define frederick high school or frederick county public schools. we thank our entire community for your support. we've also been told that both of the schools will be back up and running as normal tomorrow. reporting live in frederick, megan mth grathcgrath news 4. >> thank you. right now it's cold and windy. conditions getting worse, too. storm team 4 meteorologist
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amelia segal joins us with her first forecast for this "midday." good morning. >> high temperature yeshgsd 5terday, 55 degrees. right now dealing with windchill temperatures in the teens and 20s across the area. 33 degrees, temperature at reagan but winds howling out of the northwest about 20 miles an hour. gusts 35 to 40. factor in the winds, how it actually feels. feeling like 15 in leesburg. 21 washington. 18 in annapolis and winds remain strong heading into the afternoon hours, and temperatures slowly fall. that means it's going to feel colder as we make our way throughout the day today on into the evening. 1:00 feeling like 14 in gaithersburg. 13 in frederick. the evening commute, maybe trying to do outdoor exercise tonight at 6:00. feeling about 8 in gaithersburg. 12 in washington. 14 in fredericksburg. 8:00 p.m. 9 in washington. looking to the weekend, our temperatures rebound somewhat.
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that forecast at 11:30. >> thanks amelia. a man died after being stabbed in the district. the stabbing happened just before midnight on anger place in southeast not far from fort staten park. he died at the hospital. police don't have a suspect in the murder right now. in just a few hours members of the d.c. council will hear from metro riders who witnessed the smoke emergency earlier at l'enfant public station. a meeting held in the wilson building. council will into the response to that emergency. metro also face as comprehensive safety inspection by the federal government. the u.s. department of transportation starts the review next month. metro is the only second transit agency in the u.s. to undergo this type of inspection. the investigation will examine the overall safety culture at metro including rail bus and training operations. this inspection is separate from the ntsb's investigation of last
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month's deadly smoke emergency. and right now eight people are still in the hospital after a deadly train crash in new york. train service resumed today on metro's north's harlem line into new york city. this morning, trains passing the crash site moved slowly as ntsb investigators are still collecting evidence. early indications show the driver of the suv may have been caught on the tracks during a traffic backup tuesday night. the suv driver and five passengers onboard that train were killed. new information this "midday" about a fire and bomb xarp at a walmart in fairfax county. firefighters just told us someone set a clothes rack on fire forcing the chantilly store to be evacuated last night. an employee was able to put out the fire way fire extinguisher at the scoretore. at one point a bomb scare but d out to be a false alarm. a busy morning here's in washington and we have you covered. new information from the
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national prayer breakfast, where both president obama and the dalai lama attended. what the president said about the spiritual leader. another of the world's best known religious leaders is taking questions this morning from children. why the pope called himself a dinosaur. and shehe is one of the biggest names on television. mark brunette probably heard of him. created many shows. "survivor," the
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at the live desk with breaking news. guilty on all counts nap verdict just in on the so-called beer pong rape case. our chris gordon just tweeted out the news when the montgomery county jury came back with that verdict. against 40-year-old joey poindexter. the man you see there of gaithersburg. prosecutors say he applied men with alcohol and lured them back to his home and stood accused of sexually assaulting four different men in that case. again, guilty on all counts in this case. we'll continue to stay on top of this developing story and bring you more later today on news 4. back to you. >> thanks mollette. right now search cruise are looking for 12 people missing after a plane dplash taiwan.
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are the plane went down yesterday. 58 people in all onboard the transasia flight when it crashed into a river. today cruise finished removing most of the wreckage from the river bank and returning personal items to victims' family members. this is transasia the second plane crash in the past seven months. pope franzcis is hosting a google hangout. asked about using the internet he described himself as a dinosaur. he spoke to kids across the world. if you download the app, watch the chat and download the app in the app store or on google play. they say they plan to work better an alternative to the affordable care act introduced by republicans saying it will be a better plan and why the pentagon studied russian president vladimir putin and say he korb suffering from a form of
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autism. we'll explain. and cold for the weekend. temperatures near 50 deg
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i'm mollette green at the live desk. a first, president obama and the dalai lama appearing at the
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national prayer breakfast here in washington. not seated onstage with him acknowledged the spiritual leader's compassion and then lashed out at terror groups such as the islamic state. >> no god condones terror. no grievance justifies the taking of innocent lives, or the oppression of those who are weaker or fewer in number and so as people of faith we are summoned to push back against those who try to distort our religion. any religion for their own nihilistic ends. >> we saw no interaction between the president and the dalai lama. white house adviser valerie jarrett reportedly seated at the same table with the spiritual leader. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a study from the pentagon says russian president vladimir putin may have asperger's syndrome. the autistic disorder affects,
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could affect all of putin's decisions. the study was conducted in 2008 and recently obtained by "usa today," and analysts at the college say putin's neurological development was significantly interrupted in infancy. researchers couldn't prove the theory because they couldn't do a brain scan on president putin. today republicans plan to introduce their response to the affordable care act. the gop proposing an alternative to the president's signature health care reform. republicans have been outspoken about hopes to repeal that health care act. the alternative could leave millions of newly ensured americans in limbo when it comes to coverage. the supreme court will also look at the law and decide if the affordable care act is actually constitutional. and for more on the proposed alternative we're joined by mark murray. nbc political editor. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. >> i guess a lot of democrats probably would like to see what they've come up with if they think it could be better.
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have you seen anything of that? >> we've got a broad outlines from senate republicans, and it's important to note this is not a bill. something that can be scored by the congress' budget office pft just a plan that comes amidst context a lot of democrats have said republicans, you say you want to repeal the affordable care act, come up with your own plan. republicans have n guidelines but, again, this isn't a specific bill. one of the reasons republicans have yet been able to put out an actual bill that could be scored by the congressional budget office is all these types of health care reform measures involve a lot of trade-offs and there are some people always benefiting and some who won't. we saw it with the affordable care act and as news organizations looked into who would be worse off. under the republicans' plan people better off and those worse off from the current laws. >> almost 10 million people now covered through the affordable care act. a little late to think about repealing it? >> republicans and end up saying they want to be able to have their members who have got
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elected in the 2014 midterms to have a vote to their constituents i voted to repeal the affordable care act. there is a very big supreme court case judging whether or not subsidies under the health care law are legal, and republicans in some ways are actually trying to float this out to the justice saying we do have a plan and somehow the obamacare and federal health care law were jeopardized from this and democrats are saying look this isn't a real bill legislation, but, again, a lot of this goes down to politics. >> talk a little about republican jeb bush possible 2016 run. he spoke yesterday and mentioned his brother and a lot of people said it reminded them of his brother. let's listen. >> i love my dad, in fact my dad is the great effort man alive and if anybody disagrees we'll go outside. unless you're like 6'5" and 250 and much younger than me. then wee negotiate . we'll negotiate. i'm still not going to change my mind. and i love my brother and think he's been a great president.
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it doesn't bother me a bit to be proud of them and love them. >> what's the takeaway from that speech? >> saying he is his own man. and his speech interesting on a whole host of levels. that one particular bite it is going to be a challenge for him eve ton say, i was the governor two-term governor of florida i have my own ideas am my own man. people will end up linking him to his brother and one of the big challenges he's going have running a presidential campaign saying what would you actually do differently? different policies? different advisers? and if a lot of the policies and advisers seem to be the same folks who were from the bush administration it would end up being easy for democrats to say, look it's just more of the same of what you saw from 2001 and 2008. >> look like he's getting ready for a run. >> absolutely. >> thanks. for more from mark and the rest of the nbc news political team check out first read on clock at 5. pass intercepted at the goal
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line by malcolm butler. >> seahawks coach pete carroll is talking in-depth for the first time about that play that put his team on the losing side of the super bowl. super bowl xlix. the "today" show's matt lauer spoke exclusively about that call and whether it was the right move. >> you still feel you made exactly the right call? >> well no. this is the way i look at it. i made the call that comes out of the process of the preparation and the practice. i think that we're going to do exactly the right thing, or we won't call the play. we won't go with the concept. won't ask our guys to execute it. so i nevere a call thinking it's going to go bad. >> this was properly planned. it just didn't turn out well. >> we knew we were going to throw the ball. >> the moments that haven't gone quite right in his head and they motivate him to keep getting better. you can watch matt's entire interview with pete carroll. go and search pete carroll. and right now the fbi sin
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vest gating a massive breach at one of the country's largest health insurance companies. customers and ploememployees what they need to know. and a new miniseries coming this spring beginning in the days after jesus' death. we'll talk about it with its
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today we learn how the
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kennedy xaerntcenter moving along. in december the commission approve add preliminary site and building plan. today hoping for input from the kennedy center itself about a proposed floating riverfront pavilion. >> the tomb open and it's gone. >> you are watching "a.d.: beyond the bible" a 12-part series coming to nbc on easter sunday. the man behind the miniseries mark brunette has been a part of so many successful shows on tv that you know. "survivor." "the voice," "the apprentice" and joins us with more on "a.d.: beyond the bible." >> glad to be here. >> out of your head. these ideas. how do you go from the voice to this? amazing. >> the connectivity all my shows look at survivor the voice, apresent its, the bible
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a.d. all family-friendly. broad programming. nbc is a broadcast network not a narrowcast. what could be broader than the bible in this nation. >> you're right, but how did you come up with this idea? an idea so many people familiar with the bible would think, yeah. what happens next? is that what made you go further? >> loving making the bible so much with roma downey myself and my wife thinking how to continue this? the bible ends. what didn't end was the birth of the early church. those decades after the resurrection were the scariest decades ever in terms of the romans trying to kill the apostles every day. this was really like the bible met "house of cards." a lot of parts going on there and shot it? morocco. why? >> what a beautiful place, morocco. "gladiator" and "kingdom of heaven" was made and where we shot "the bible."
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we have built the largest free-standing jerusalem set ever built and in morocco. an enormous four-acre complex. so big i got lost on the way to the set some days. >> now you, as we talked about before wrote "the bible." why do you think that this whole idea of what happened during that period resonates with people and why will they want to see what you've done this time? >> well america is one nation under god. it's 150 million americans go to church every week. this is the underpinning of our society, that nation of what we stand for, and americans understand the story. this resinates. the bible had 100 million viewers, and a.d. has gone to a network, nbc, it's going to be even bigger. >> other people across the world will probably wanted to see it too. >> yes. >> tell me i understand your wife was involved in this project as well? and she's also in it. tell me what she does and what was it like working with her?
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>> roma and i produce a lot of things together we produced "the bible," the movie "son of god" and "a.d. pogue" together. produced it it. what'sn doing what you love with the person you love the most? >> and what part does she say? >> roma played mary in the bible and in a.d. not in but producing. >> oh wow. fantastic. >> she was in "a.d." she'd never be home. >> happy to have you here in washington. came down for the prayer breakfast? >> yes. amazing today. the president spoke so eloquently today. we come to the prayer breakfast every yee. a great day of reflection. you should come sometime i. will have to come. so happy to have you here with us. congratulations on this efforts. sounds like it's going to be terrific. can't wait to see it. >> thank you. let me tell you that mark brunette his production will air right here on nbc 4 on easter sunday when "a.d.:
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beyond the bible" premieres on nbc news and get the series on thanks for coming thank you. the flag of the union station flapping in a cold wind. will conditions improve? amelia is back with the seven-day forecast. plus a big announcement from a local hospital. the partner shapp couldship that could give it more access. and the president
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right now windchills are in the 20s, even the teens in some places by this evening those windchills could drop into the single digits. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal joining us. i was outside early this morning. about 6:00. it wasn't bad. >> it wasn't that bad. the temperature at that point was 44 degrees. now the temperature's 33 and the winds are gusting to around 35 miles an hour. so it feels like temperatures are in the teens and 20s. as we continue into the afternoon, it will remain windy, cold using the hash tag cold plunge to describe today's weather. you can find off the meteorologists on twitter, facebook instagram, talking about this dramatic change in our weather. cold front moved through, didn't bring flurries this morning but it brought much colder air.
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chilly again tomorrow. rebound for the weekend. upper 40s saturday and sunday. tichically the high now 45 degrees. a little above that. there's a chance of rain late on sunday but the latest information i'm looking at is looking like sunday most if not all of the day is actually going to be dry. not until sunday night into monday we could see rain and maybe a little bit of a wintry mix towards the end. windchill temperatures now in the 20s. 21 in washington. 22 in gaithersburg. 271 in fort belvoir. the majority it of the afternoon how windy. by 6:00 p.m. temperature of 26. cold tonight, cold at the bus stop tomorrow morning. at least the winds tomorrow won't be much of an issue. by the time the kids get out of school friday afternoon, still chilly. a look at the high temperature in your neighborhood tomorrow. washington hits a high of 39. gaithersburg high of 36.
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manassas high temperature of 39 tomorrow. and increasing clouds throughout the day. so if you're heading out tomorrow night, mostly cloudy skies, but dry. chilly. temperatures tomorrow evening will be in the low to mid30s. a warmer jacket. remember, only today we're talking about windy conditions as we look through the rest of the weekend. so tomorrow start off with sun. finish with clouds. high temperature of 39. saturday looking at a mix of clouds and sunshine. a high temperature of 48 degrees. it's cloudy on sunday. notice our high. 47. so both weekend days temperatures not too bad. outdoor plans for the most part weather cooperating both days because it looks like this chance of rain on sunday holds off until mainly after sunset. on monday cooler. high temperature of 37 degrees. here's the latest. could see rain monday morning and then maybe sleet and snow mixing in towards the afternoon and evening hours on monday, but continuing to track this system any amounts,
11:34 am
any snow totals remain to be seen. talking about anything it would be light, almost nothing, brash barbara, and tuesday, breezy mostly cloudy high temperature of 39. >> all right. thank you, amelia. the fbi says it's now investigating a massive cyber attack on a health insurance company anthem. the company is calls this aticated attack saying hackers gained access to an 80 million person database but butt it'sbutt -- not clear how many a fact. >> company says it does not appear that customer medical information or credit card numbers were compromised, but it says the hackers did get other kinds of personal information in what it call as very sophisticated attack. anthem says the hackers got access to names, social security numbers and birthdays and says they also got e-mail and street addresses and employment information including income data. the company says the information covered some customers, and
11:35 am
anthem employees covered now or were in the past. anthem formerly known at wallpoint has customers in 16 states including new york and california. the company says it's intrusion was discovered last week but says so far no sign any of this information is showing up ob sites that post stolen hacker data. anthem says it's likely the records of tens of millions of people were accessed in the hack attack and it's now in the process of contacting its customers. and anthem blue cross/blue shield serves much of northern virginia with the exception of fairfax, city and vienna. learn more on our website, search anthem. and later this afternoon, the montgomery county council starts work on a bill that would ban pet stores from selling dogs or cats from commercial breeders. the bill would forbid pet stores from selling dogs and cats from facilities recognized as puppy mills, as they're called. stores would only be allowed to
11:36 am
sell animals taken from animal care facilities or rescue organizations. new this morning, virginia hospital center is joining the mayo clinic network staff at hospital hold a staff celebration today. the hospital can now collaborate on medical research, education and patient care. well it's becoming more and more common. hackers holding your personal information for ransom. what to do if it happens to you. plus -- what are you willing to do to get the cheapest gas? results of a new survey may surprise you, and a plus-size model in the new swimsuit edition of "sports illustrated." well sort of in that
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today the chairman of the fcc proposing new internet neutrality laws to cleegs s tos to colleagues. protecting consumers and make sure the internet remains open to all legal content. the new laws would give the fcc better ability to ensure all internet traffic is created equally. many internet service providers say the laws could stifral lstifle innovation. a local university president wants the white house to take its free community college proposal one step further and include historically black colleges as well. dr. wayne frederick, howard university says graduation rates increase 10% among students who receive a full
11:40 am
ride. >> if we don't have the historically colleges students can come in educating less people of color. >> reporter: obama's new free college proposals would cost the government more than $60 billion over ten years, potentially this will increase the cost of tuition for other students some say. today there will be a lot of talk about the tolling you pay on the dulles green way, loudon candidate david ramadan will introduce a bill aiming to change the toll structure on the roadway. right now you pay the same toll no matter how far you travel on that road. ramadan says he wants distance-based tolling structured. he is also calling for stricter oversight of the private operate other than the road. the operator is currently looking to increase tolls by about 3%. if approved it would cost as much as $5.25 to travel the green way during rush hours.
11:41 am
even though gas prices are pretty cheap right now people say they will go out of their way to find even cheaper gas, accord togz a consumer survey. 72% of people say they would pay cash if they could save 5 cents a gallon. 63% said they would drive five minutes out of the way to save 5 cents a gallon. you can find the cheapest gas in our area in the commonwealth gas is $2.04 a gallon in virginia. in maryland you're paying $2.17 on average. in the district gas is about $2.41, an average gallon for regular gas. and gas is $2.26 a gallon in west virginia. on average. it's growing. how much you could win in the next powerball jackpot. plus exploring one of the district's neighborhoods for art and more. >> a decision to come out publicly? >> completely. you know coming out in the south, your family has to come out also.
11:42 am
>> more from lance bass on
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the powerball jackpot is expected to grow to at least $300 million for saturday's drawing. no winning tickets sold for last night's drawing and there were no million dollar winners from the area at all. the cash prize for a $360 million jackpot is about $250 million. well there is more to do in d.c. than just visit the
11:45 am
memorials and museum. some of the city's neighborhoods provide a long list of fun spots. one of those is brookland and here way guide to things you can do there, from "the washington post." let me ask you, do most people live in say brookland or brookland? >> brookland. >> now that we know how to say it tell us where it is in the district? >> in the northeast. the sort of the neighborhood that surrounds catholic university, folks headedous to prince george's county pass it probably every day. we're really seeing a large explosion in the number of businesses and arts focus businesses opening there. >> tell us about the monroe street market and the arts walk? >> that is something that has sprung up in about the past year and it's actually connected to monroe street market is a big apartment complex and condo complex. let's to do and a lot of air forces moved in. they've filled their retail space, instead of bringing in a bunch of cupcakeries filled it
11:46 am
with artist studios as a great place to buy everything from leather goods to purses to homemade cards. a vintage shop called analog we love a lot. another leather good shop called stitch and rivet. >> i understand you like a place consulted the smith public trust? what is that? >> a new place that opened in 2014. one of the most interesting bar openings of 2014, because it really is like brookland. it's very typical brookland sort of funky and artsy and at same time has kind of a lot going on including delicious food like tacos and grilled chicken and -- >> that looks good. looks healthy, too. >> we're seeing a lot of delicious food out there and the nice thing about public trust, also does a lot of community veents for the neighborhood. >> another restaurant you apparently like there called i think halsa? sounds scandinavian? >> a new restaurant that opened focuses on healthy food if you are a fan of vegetarian or
11:47 am
organic eating this is a great place to go. also of course they have all kinds of meat dishes and what's nice everything is seasonal if you are inherent of the paleo diet bone broth, flies get natural supplements, also a high-end feel. >> so but it a restaurant? sit down and eat there? >> yeah. sit down. actually have a review running this weekend in "the washington post" of halsa. thinking of going and having a healthy meal this weekend. >> thanks a lot. i'll think about that. for more yods for your idea logon to our website. or this week's wednesday's child is a bright 17-year-old with a lot of dreams for his future. he has has dream to be a particular type of scientist some day. so we took him too d.c.'s one of the museums all about the kind of work he'd like to do eventually. >> so have you ever been here before? >> no ma'am. >> this is a crime and punishment museum. i think you're going to like the things you see here because
11:48 am
it's what you want to do. >> reporter: he's like to be a forensic scientist some day. >> you want to be a csi tech? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: invited us to tour the crime-solving wing of the museum. >> the csi exhibit where you're the witness to a crime. so you can see it taking place here in apartment 13. >> reporter: he was fascinated by the scene. he looked for clues and learned how evidence would end up at a crime scene lab. >> this is a crime scene investigation kit. >> reporter: at 17 he has a plan. >> i'm going to college to study forensic science. >> wow. >> reporter: what made you decide forensic science? >> i just like the fact that forensic science is solving crimes and helping people out. >> he's a great teenager. he is very shy at first really sort of introverted but also really friendly. >> reporter: he was excited to actually learn some of the scientific things he hopes to do
11:49 am
some day. >> leave a fingerprint right in the middle of that glass. >> reporter: she showe to dust with metal filings for fingerprints and extract lots of clues from footprints left at a crime scene wharnlgts information do you think you can get from the shoe print? >> wearing an 8 1/2. >> for sure. >> reporter: he's a bright, young man who wants and needs an adoptive family that would love him and support his aspirations. how long have you been in the foster care sy? >> oh since i was 8. >> i think he could really benefit from a family that is committed to him, that's encouraging. >> reporter: he wants to be a success in life. >> success for me would be achieving all of my goals and accomplishings everything i want to accomplish in life. >> reporter: with that attitude and wonderful shy fulful smile he's sure to make a family proud of him. if you have room in your home and heart for el shamir or another child waiting to be adopted, call our 1-800 number or search on our website.
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"sports illustrated" popular swim. suit issue goes on sale next week. this year something new is included. a plus-size model in a bikini. the plus-size picture is included in an ad. not in one of the magazine's featured pictures. the model, ashley graham hopes to be in the actual magazine some day. i've posted the ad on my facebook page. take a look at let me know what you think. time now 11:50. coming up a special treat for those of us who loved watching the show "saved by the bell." back in the earl '90s. the reunion that will make you laugh and question why no one ages in hollywood. plus how long will we have to deal with this bone-chilling wind out there? is our weather going to
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i'm mollette grown at the live tefk. just in house speaker john kerry hoping pope francis will visit the u.s. capitol in september. exact date september 24th and speak to a joint meeting of congress and he would be the first pope to do so. that is the latest from the live desk. barbara, back to you. >> thank you. your computer files are at risk of being held hostage pap new breed of computer hackers can get into your computer and into your private files locking you out with what they call ransom ware literally holding your files hostage. nbc's joe fryer follows the story of one woman who
11:54 am
considered paying the ransom money. >> reporter: psychotherapist valerie gosk didn't know what to think when she couldn't access files on her computer. patient information, tax documents. everything encrypted, locked up and held for ransom. >> really scared and not sure what was the right thing to do. i felt violated. >> reporter: to unlock the files, cyber criminals demanded $500 paid in bitcoin and online currency gave her 24 hours with a clock counting down on her computer. >> pressure. lots of pressure. >> reporter: her computer was infected with a virus calmed ansome ware. >> the most common way they get on your machine is that they send you an e-mail and that e-mail has an attachment and they do something to trick you into clicking on that attachment. >> reporter: one strain of ransom ware calmed cryptowall struck 1 million victims including police agencies. in tennessee, the sheriff's
11:55 am
department paid a $600 ransom after computers with important case files were paralyzed. >> you don't want to contribute to a criminal enterprise by paying a ransom but at the same time we had to weigh that versus the fact we have a community that we support and serve. >> reporter: but many security experts say don't pay. >> if none of us paid the ransom these guy wos go out of business. >> reporter: gosk didn't pay afraid of a guarantee she'd get her stuff back. >> had to make the difficult choice to say good-bye to all of those important documents. >> and think really hard, what are in those files. >> reporter: she had to buy a new computer and spent a month replacing lost files. to help avoid her outcome, experts say keep security software updated and back up your files, then be sure to disconnect the external hard drives. advice now heeded by gosk, who never forked over ransom money, but still paid the price. joe fryer, nbc news mountainview california. and we're looking at some chilly weather here today, and
11:56 am
what's coming tomorrow. >> tomorrow we'll lose the winds but it's still going to be chilly for our friday. this afternoon, though talking about windchill temperatures in the teens and even single digits as we get into evening hours. with the winds, feeling about 22 degrees in washington. 18 in leesburg and 17 for those in canton springs. kids coming home from school today it is going to be frigid outside. at least we will have plenty of sunshine. for tomorrow high of 39. again, winds not an issue. temperatures still about five degrees below average. saturday rebound. high of 48. plenty of clouds around on sunday. i'm going to say saturday's the better weekend day. 40% of rain sunday holds off mainly until after sunset. of course veronica in at 4:00 with the latest updates to that storm system sunday into monday and then on monday looking like we'll start off with showers and that could end as a bit of rain snow and sleet. otherwise, colder on monday. high temperature of 37. mostly cloudy on tuesday.
11:57 am
and a high of 39 barbara. >> hmm. okay. we're going to be up and down there. >> you know i have to say, you start to see a seven day like that um and down unand down a sign spring is trying to make its way here a. good sign. thanks amelia. a '90s dream come true last night on the "tonight show" the cast of a"saved by the bell" a skit re-created by jimmy fallible. >> exact will you how excited are you? ♪ i'm so excited ♪ >> all reprised their roles as teenagers at bay side high school. dennis haskins made an appearance at principal belding. zach morris' longtime love played by tiffany thesisen made an taerns. "saved by the bell" celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. i fell asleep tooer to see that.
11:58 am
have to come back and find it. that's news 4 for "midday." tune in for news at 4:00 5:00 6:00 and tonight at 11:00, and receipt be right back tomorrow at "midday" at a11:00. hope you're join us. see you in the morning.
11:59 am
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>> sonny: i have to get to that hotel. [muffled screaming] >> eric: serena, this will be the first time in a long time that we'll be together that way. i just-- i just want it to be special. >> serena: but it's special right here. there's absolutely no reason for us to leave. >> eric: what's going on? i mean, why are you so adamant about staying in my place? >> serena: i have to get back into eric's bedroom to switch the statues. but that's not as easy as it may sound. okay, um, truth is i have-- i have a secret reason for wanting to stay here. and i should probably come clean about it. >> eric: okay, what secret reason? >> serena: it's about our


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